MMA Challenge

MMA Challenge

What is MMA Challenge?

MMA Challenge is the U.Ks premier White Collar MMA event. White Collar MMA offers the opportunity to experience Mixed Martial Arts competition to the masses. Targeted as a once in a lifetime experience for city professionals and people with other none athletic professions to compete in a fair and safe environment.

As an affiliate gym, we at Wolverhampton MMA take on the duty of teaching each Challenger all of the skills needed to compete in a UFC style bout within 8 weeks. Our ultra structured MMA classes take Challengers from having zero Martial Arts experience to being fit and confident in 16 classes.

Training for MMA Challenge with us, alongside getting fit for their MMA bouts, Challengers will learn:

⁃ Punches

⁃ Kicks

⁃ Wrestling

⁃ Ground and Pound

⁃ Submissions

MMA Challenge 05/10/17 – 03/12/17

On October 5th I got to meet the latest MMA Challenge group at the Wolverhampton ‘welcome meeting’. As the mats filled up with new faces I could tell we were going to have a very enthusiastic group. I imagine most of the guys were nervous but it was hard to tell with so many smiles in the room, everybody seemed eager and excited to start their MMA journey.

2 days later on the 7th October we started training! At the welcome meeting some of the group let me know they wouldn’t be able to make it for the first class but assured me they would be in for our second session, despite some faces missing we still had awesome numbers for our first class compared to previous Challenges. I always like ease our newest Challengers in and build from the ground up (not literally, I tend to start with Striking) in the first class. Teaching how to punch correctly and also introducing everybody to my favourite ground position, mount. Building a strong game plan from day 1 is also something I think is essential on the road to winning at Fight Night BUT less details about that for now so I don’t give the plan up to team Telford before the event tomorrow evening.

As promised at the second class we had nearly 100% attendance, adding to the skills that had previously been learnt in class 1, at this class I realised that this group were serious and not taking MMA Challenge lightly! Since that day everybody has worked so hard, constantly improving, adding new skills and pushing their fitness to new levels.

The opportunity to get involved in extra classes is always available for Challengers at Wolverhampton MMA, a few face come to mind that have really put in the extra effort and explored beyond the MMA Challenge classes, mixing with our regular classes at Wolverhampton MMA and catching up for missed classes with 1 to 1 tuition. I always joke, essentially you will be fighting against another man/woman in a cage, in front of friends and family, wearing nothing but your pant! Surely you want to give the experience your best shot?

Tonight is the eve of Fight Night and tomorrow the guys will compete at their MMA Challenge event at the Park Inn Hotel, Telford. The Fight Card is set and I know hand on heart that every single Challenger is more than prepared. I could not be happier with the progress that team Wolverhampton have made over the last 8 weeks and hope tomorrow will mark a new beginning in everybody’s MMA journey and not the end!

Tomorrow afternoon the team will be meeting up for some lunch at Nando’s, dubbed on Thursday as ‘The Last Supper’ (Apologies, I can’t quite remember who’s joke that was!) before we head on over to the event for medicals, rules meeting and where I potentially have the pleasure of wrapping hands 15 sets of hands. I just want to say a big ‘Good Luck’ to everybody competing, win, lose or draw you can all hold your head up high and be proud of yourself for the changes you have made physically and mentally over the last 8 weeks.

My prediction, team Wolverhampton will pick up the most wins tomorrow at Park Inn, Telford.

If you would like to be a part of an MMA Challenge in 2018 go to for further details.

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